Slavic Utopia Secrets: Ukraine

Learn how to relocate yourself to Ukraine and maximize your potential quality of life!

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From: Conor Clyne

Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear friend,

Over the last 2 years, I have received an avalanche of enquiries about how to successfully move to Ukraine, be that from the comments under my YouTube videos, private emails, the participants on my bootcamps or my one-on-one clients who live the Tsar Experience with me.

I'm sure that you'd agree with me that Ukraine has a lot to offer the right kind of guy as a place to live in terms of quality of life. For example, imagine having access to Western standards of living while still located in Europe for a fraction of the cost surrounded by beautiful women. Sound like it's for you? 😀

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You're probably already aware that Ukraine offers many foreigners the opportunity to come visit the country visa free for up to 90 days every 180. But what happens when you would like to stay longer than your 90 days?

This was a problem that some British, Italian and German friends of mine faced when they wanted to live in Odesa for 6 months straight. They didn't want to be under pressure to leave so soon as their local love lives were going so well. 😉

They kept exiting Ukraine every few months but when they wanted to return immediately they faced many issues getting back in the country including confrontations with unfriendly border guards.

So much stress and hassle! They got fined regularly. They lost hours stuck arguing at the border. One even had to take a 3-month hiatus in Slovenia while he waited for the right to return to Ukraine and another had his car impounded at customs.

Being stuck at Ukrainian immigration for hours is grim, believe me!

What they really needed was legal residency in Ukraine so they could stay as long as they felt each year but ...

What visa did they need? How do you get that organized without speaking Ukrainian or understanding the legal system?

They needed an optimal visa strategy for staying in Ukraine.

Do you really own your investment?

When I was in Kyiv I met an American gentlemen who told me that he had been defrauded out of a US$250,000 investment in agricultural land in the east of Ukraine.

He had clearly trusted the wrong kind of Ukrainian and discovered that he did not in fact own the land that he thought he had bought.

According to Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index, Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe, second only to neighboring Russia.

Sounds scary, right?

Imagine you purchase the perfect apartment with sea views in Odesa. You spend the best part of the year renovating it all while doubling your investment in the property because it's where you will spend your summers for the next 20 years.

Then suddenly one day, you get a knock on the door and some burly guys tell you that you are in fact trespassing in the apartment of their babushka.

You discover that you never legally owned title to your dream apartment but some local grandma now says she does instead!

Don't let this happen to you; due diligence is vital in this part of Europe!

I don't blame the American guy who got scammed, it's easy to get carried away by the amazing opportunities that Ukraine presents to a foreigner coming to invest.

Real estate is a mere fraction of the cost in North America or Western Europe, you can indeed 5x or even 10x what you can afford back home.

It really could be you chilling by your infinity pool, sipping cocktails, looking out over vistas of the Dnipro or the Black Sea ... all in the company of the beautiful local hotties.

Sound attractive to you?

With a researched real estate investment plan, you'll be able to relax in your property and actually have confidence that YOU really own your amazing Kyiv penthouse or Black Sea Odesa villa ... and NOT the neighboring babushka!

I don't wannabe alone!

When I first started traveling to Ukraine over 10 years ago, I was a solo traveler. I had zero contacts in Ukraine.

That part sucked ...

Ukraine was indeed amazing but it's no fun being Billy No-Mates day after day, especially if you are staying for months.

Now it's fine when you are on dates with the pretty girls, but none of us are actually doing that 24/7. We all need a network!

It's even tougher when you have a language barrier to overcome, are dealing with frustrating bureaucracy or some dodgy prodaters and heaven forbid that you should get ill ... everyone clearly needs a group of like-minded buddies nearby.

I even know one foreigner living in Odesa who has given up on dating women, has no local friends and doesn't speak Russian or Ukrainian.

He often looks depressed ... You don't want to end being Billy No-Mates in Ukraine!

A few years ago back home, I met a guy from Odesa through a friend and he told me that next time I arrive back, I must contact his Russian-speaking foreign friends in his home city.

I followed up and discovered that these contacts of his were super connected in the Odesa social and business world.

This was a game changer!

These guys became my close friends. They introduced me to their friends (some of whom were also super hot chicks). They showed me the ins-and-outs of life here.

In the end, we humans are social creatures and I know that if anything were to happen, I now have a local number to call.

Building a network of local and expats friends is vital to a successful move, as is a strategy for overcoming the language barrier ...

For the last 8 years, I have lived a minimum of 4 months per year in Ukraine, in cities like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Lviv. Moreover, I've traveled to almost every major city at some stage.

Along the way, I've encountered many of the same challenges that you will face in moving here. I thoroughly believe that the rewards definitely outweigh the downsides as long as you have the right plan in place.

To overcome these same obstacles, I have created a network of contacts to solve the biggest problems faced by foreigners moving to Ukraine.

Now I want to open up those solutions to you as well so I've created an exclusive 6-week group consultation program for high level guys who want to relocate to Ukraine for 3-12 months per year.

It's called Slavic Utopia Secrets: Ukraine. Are you onboard with us?

Here is what you will learn on these 7 masterclasses:

  1. Everything you need to know before moving to Ukraine so that you can avoid the pitfalls all while enjoying a cost of living that is 20% of cities like NYC, London or Paris surrounded by scores of beautiful women;
  2. How to create an optimal visa strategy for the legal right to stay in Ukraine for as long as you want so you don't have to worry about problems entering and leaving Ukraine as you please;
  3. How to adapt to the local culture and make friends (both Ukrainian and expats) so that you are never alone living there;
  4. How to network with other like-minded businessmen to create profitable opportunities and minimize the endemic cost of corruption;
  5. My strategies for overcoming the language barrier, so that you can so that you can integrate better in daily life and not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous locals who exploit the language gap with foreigners;
  6. All about the healthcare options in Ukraine so that you are not left without access to the best medical care should something unfortunately happen to you; and
  7. To master the intricacies of the Ukrainian real estate market so that you make the highest returns on your property investments and/or can buy your dream Kyiv penthouse or a villa on the 'Ukrainian Riviera'.

The following is what's included in Slavic Utopia Secrets: Ukraine:

  • Invitation to the next series of 7 live Q&A sessions over Zoom where you'll get to ask me personally all your burning questions about relocating to Ukraine (value: US$997)
  • 7 online masterclasses featuring a presentation module outlining the essential basics of what you need to know for a move to Ukraine (value: US$497)
  • All Q&A videos with the Tsar where I answer all the most important in depth questions of the participants in the high level consultation group livestreams (value: US$497)
  • Lifetime access to all recordings for your future review (value: PRICELESS)
  • Bonus 1: One hour consulting with me to help you with your move to Ukraine when the time comes (value: US$450)
  • Bonus 2: Exclusive Facebook group with like-minded guys who are also planning to move to Ukraine (value: US$500)
  • Bonus 3: Unlimited WhatsApp messaging with me (text & voice) for 6 weeks while you go through the program's content (value: US$500)
  • Bonus 4: Let's Move to Ukraine! relocation guide, including the Utopia Ukraine Gold List of recommended professionals in Ukraine (value: US$297)
  • Bonus 5: Utopia Ukraine Alumni Annual Event Invitation (PRICELESS)

Total Value: US$3,738

Offer Price: US$997

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