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Steal my 7 Seduction Secrets and Magnetically Attract Beautiful Slavic Women Without Falling Into the ‘Gold Digger Trap’

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From Conor Clyne
Odessa, Ukraine

Dear friend,

If you made it to this page you’d probably agree with me that Eastern European women belong to the most beautiful women in the world.

Most of them are well educated, slim and way more feminine than women in the West. They also don’t mind so much dating men who are slightly older.

No matter if you are looking for an honest and good looking partner to share a happy life with, or just a nice woman for casual dating ... you’re in the right place!

But let’s be honest ...

Dating beautiful women, from countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is not as easy as most people think!

In fact, many men that visit Eastern Europe for a romance adventure end up disappointed. Some of them end up with their most expensive dating nightmare of their lives!

But what if you could:

  • Increase your confidence and drastically improve your chances dating women from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Even if you’re out of shape and not rich.
  • Seduce the love of your life and have a great time without running out of ideas for what to do, or where to go with her.
  • Attract beautiful women who’re honest and worth going on a date with, start a relationship or maybe even more … ;
  • Avoid the ‘gold digger trap’ and save a load of hard-earned money, valuable time and a dating-trauma you will never recover from;
  • Be more comfortable coming to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia or even move there for a while;
  • Avoid embarrassing situations because of your lack of the cultural understanding;
  • Outsmart horny foreign women hunters and the local hotshots who are better connected and have bigger wallets than you.

The good news:

I’ve developed a system based on 7 Slavic Seduction Secrets that you can use to magnetically attract your dream Eastern European woman.

You’ll finally understand what really goes on in the mind of a Slavic woman.

I will also teach you how to save $1,000s by avoiding the ‘gold digger’ trap.

Join the Slavic Seduction Secrets Bootcamp!
(Start date 5th July 2020)

The tactics I share with you will work for you, even if you’re not rich, short or out of shape.

I’m the living proof of this, look:

You see?

And I dated some of the most beautiful women when I was broke as hell, so you definitely don’t need to be rich!

Now let me explain what this is all about...

Why 95% of Western Men Fail to Date Beautiful Slavic Women

I recently asked you guys what your biggest struggles are when it comes to dating women in Eastern Europe. Here is an overview of some of the pitfalls you guys mentioned:

The ‘Gold Digger Trap’

During your stay in the country you manage to convince many women to go on a date with you. Only a few weeks later you find out that it was not your personality that they were interested in ...

It turns out that your dates were much more interested in the freshly flown in lobsters that you paid for with your hard earned money. Becoming a victim of the gold digger trap is very common for men like you.

Don’t want to be treated like a walking ATM machine?
Then you better watch out for this one!

The Humiliating Culture Gap

You just went for a cocktail with your date, in a romantic lounge bar and you walk through the park on the way back to your hotel. You can’t wait any longer and you ask her ‘may I kiss you?’.

You’re preparing yourself for a long, soft, intimate french kiss but instead ...

She deflects your attempted kiss by turning her mouth away!

Wow! - What did you do wrong? Why is she acting so indignant?

Eastern European girls have another mentality when it comes to dating. One wrong move and her respect for you can instantly evaporate, and believe me, they will let you know! This can lead to embarrassing situations that you’d rather avoid.

You Feel Lost

Cities like Kiev, Odessa, Minsk, Saint Petersburg and Moscow are fascinating but they can feel a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to stay, what to do or where to go.

Of course you can Google for popular places but you don’t want to end up in tourist traps where all the other Western guys are ‘stealing’ each other's gold diggers (of course they’re not aware of that yet).

If you don’t have an insider who tells you where and when to go, you risk wasting your time and money or even worse, breaking your heart!

The Language Barrier

Although speaking Russian does improve your chances on the dating market, most of my clients find romance without knowing any Russian at all.

You just want to make sure that you don’t end up in a black taxi taking you to a scary ghetto in the middle of the night, because the driver misunderstood what you said.

You also don’t want scammers to take advantage of the fact that you don’t speak Russian. Imagine your date ordering the most expensive drinks from the menu for her and her friends, in Russian. Before you realize what they order, the bill ends up in your hand and ...


Want to avoid these scenarios?

Here’s how...

Why Knowing the ‘7 Slavic Seduction Secrets’ is Key to Attracting Beautiful & Honest Women

Even if you have a good feeling for common sense and dating experience in the region, many foreign guys go online and then end up with dates who look at least five years older and 20 pounds heavier than in their pictures.

Or even worse, getting married to a gold digger which you only discover US$100K or more down the road after a messy divorce … ouch!

I know this because I talk to Western men who come to Eastern Europe for a dating adventure all the time.

If you want to increase your chances on the local dating market and attract honest and beautiful women, you need to know the secrets about how dating in Eastern Europe really works.

And no, I’m not talking about memorizing sleazy pick up lines that they teach you in many mainstream dating courses.

These are tactics that will help you attract good looking, honest women who are perfect for you, win their hearts, and avoid falling victim to scams.

Hi, I’m Conor! Your Wingman in Eastern Europe!

In my former life I worked as a lawyer at the European Commission and I now help high level Western men to find their dream woman in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus without getting scammed.

The videos on my popular YouTube channel ‘Tsar Experience’ have been watched over ten million times ...

I’ve also helped dozens of clients in person with meeting their dream women here in Eastern Europe.

These are the kind of things my clients say about working with me:

Conor helped to attract the right women and avoid those who want to use me as a cash machine. I found my dream woman and next year we’re getting married. Working with Conor was a great experience’’

Juan - Mexico City - 49 years old

When I first traveled to Ukraine I got scammed. I had my new phone stolen. I even got drugged and woke up alone in a room naked 36 hours later.

But now look at my life …

I no longer wanted to be a lost tourist that got taken advantage of all the time. That’s why over the last decade, I trained myself to become what my clients call ‘a real insider’:

Conor is a real insider. Having him with you on a trip is great because he knows how the game works here’’

Philip - Denmark

I'm Running a LIVE Bootcamp!

People kept asking about how to attract beautiful women in Eastern Europe without having to consult dodgy dating agencies or becoming the victim of gold diggers.

That’s why I created a special program that will help you to find and seduce your Slavic dream woman on your next trip, and live a life full of romance, love and happiness.

And I’ve called it ‘’Slavic Seduction Secrets’’

A unique bootcamp that will help you to magnetically attract beautiful Slavic women without falling into the ‘gold digger trap!

The start date is Sunday, July 5th 2020.

  • The good thing about this bootcamp is that it’s cheaper than just one ‘wrong move’ with a gold digger.

  • And it’s far cheaper than marrying the wrong woman!

    (which will cost you at least US$7,000 - 15,000, before any divorce, according to most Americans!)

Join the Slavic Seduction Secrets Bootcamp!
(Start date 5th July 2020)

How my Insider Skills will Help You to Magnetically Attract your Eastern European Dream Woman

It took me over a decade of in-country experience to learn how Eastern European women really think when it comes to dating Western men, and how to seduce them.

I’m not talking about soon-to-become babushkas; I’m talking about attracting intelligent, good looking women with style, and without being a sugar daddy.

I had to learn everything the hard way ...

  • I’ve gone on dates with hundreds of girls in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Some dates lead to a disaster, others still make me smile. 😁

  • After lots of trial and error I became fluent in Russian so that I could finally understand what the women around me were saying, and what they really think about Western men.

  • I’ve also helped dozens of clients in person finding their dream women in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and keep them safe from the scammers.

  • I’ve studied and tested the most popular dating courses in the market and refined the best seducing tactics based on what works in Eastern Europe.

  • I’m the only person out there who specializes in helping Western men find real love in Eastern Europe the natural way; without the use of dodgy dating agencies with big empty promises.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up a decade of your life to learn all the tactics I’ve learned to find and seduce your dream women ...

Not anymore at least ...

''If you want to meet beautiful women in Eastern Europe, I've never met anyone who knows more about this topic than Conor''

Ben, a.k.a. Mr Bald - UK

The Seven Seduction Secrets that you will Learn:

Before your trip:

Secret #1:

Carefully selecting your potential dates before your trip, so that you can start your dating adventure from the day you arrive and not waste any time.

  • Keys to success and mindset
  • How to find real, honest and good looking women online
  • How to open up conversations and keep them interested in you
  • Why you should avoid dating agencies and socials
  • Recognizing scam websites
  • How to get the best out of dating apps before your trip
  • Things to avoid when chatting with Slavic women

Secret #2:

Creating a ‘power itinerary’ to get the most out of your trip and avoid nasty surprises.

  • The best cities to visit if you want to meet quality women
  • Where you should stay
  • The best way to get from one place to another
  • How to book transportation
  • How long should you stay in each place?
  • Visa requirements and coronavirus measures
  • How to stay safe
  • How significant is the language barrier and how to prepare for that?

During your stay:

Secret #3:

Organize the perfect date and increase your chances of success.

  • What to do on a date and where do go
  • The cultural differences you must be aware of
  • Turning cultural differences into opportunities
  • How to be more attractive on your date
  • Knowing what to say in every situation
  • The ‘gold digger test’

Secret #4:

Attract and meet more women during your stay and expand your selection! The more candidates, the higher the chance to find your dream women!

  • How to approach more women during your stay, both online and offline
  • How to prove you are authentic and that she can trust you
  • How to get higher yield from dating apps
  • Ways to meet women without using an agency or going to a club
  • Getting that contact and leaving her wanting more
  • The elements of attraction and how to know when a girl is attracted to you
  • A deep understating of the psychology behind attraction and relationships

Secret #5:

Learn to understand how Slavic women really think, so that can and stand out from your competition.

  • Learn a special type of emotional intelligence called ‘Slavic Mentality Intelligence’ or SMI
  • How to be the 'real man' Slavic women find attractive
  • Practical things you can do to instantly be more assertive
  • What kinds of men are the main competition? What do they bring to the table and what qualities and attributes are necessary to successfully compete with them?

Secret #6:

Learn to ‘close the deal’ and win her heart by effectively escalating sexual tension.

  • Creating comfortable environments that make Slavic women say ‘yes please!’
  • The ‘seeding’ technique
  • Closing like a Tsar

After your first visit:

Secret #7:

Test if your date is suitable for a long term relationship and avoid expensive and heartbreaking disappointments in the future.

  • Tests to see if she’s ready for more
  • The possibilities for moving to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia
  • How to bring her your back to your country

Join the Slavic Seduction Secrets Bootcamp!
(Start date 5th July 2020)

Is Slavic Seducer Secrets for me?

You might be wondering if this program is for you.

Let’s see:

This program is for you if:

- you’re between 25 and 60 years old, looking for beautiful and honest Slavic women for casual dating, a long-term relationship, or potentially even to get married; or

- you’re terrified by the idea of falling in love with a gold digger in lawless Ukraine; or

- you have no time to waste and you want to be sure you’re doing the right thing; or

- you’re willing to invest in your social skills and in your future.

This program is NOT for you if:

- you just finished high school, you have a six pack and with one snap of your fingers ten models line up who want to sleep with you; or

- you still believe that matchmaking agencies can do the job for you; or

- you’re looking for pay for play; or

- you’re not willing to invest in your learning and self-development.

Still sounds like something for you?

Join the Slavic Seduction Secrets Bootcamp!
(Start date 5th July 2020)

How Much would it be Worth to Find the Woman of your Dreams?

Have an amount in mind?


That's quite a lot of money, right?

That’s why some matchmaking agencies can easily charge fees up to US$10,000, even if they usually don't bring any long term results.

And even if they ‘’guarantee’’ results they often get away with not delivering on their promises because:

  • They calculate that either you will give up after your first unsuccessful trip to Ukraine or;

  • They will persuade you to enter into a relationship with an unsuitable woman which will quickly end once you leave.

Yes, I’ve done my homework as a former lawyer. ;)

I also know a girl who used to work for a behemoth matchmaking agency and she never saw anyone getting married during the whole ten years she worked there.

But still, a huge number of Western men are happy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on dating. The thing is that finding your dream woman doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, but ...

  • Only if you know the secrets and;
  • Only if you are willing to work on yourself and put in some effort.

For my program I’m asking you for a humble US$497 no-brainer investment.

In exchange I will share with you everything I’ve learned over the last decade to help you find your dream women.

By the time you finish this program you'll be better equipped than the top one percent of men who’re hunting for a Eastern European women.

Doesn’t that sound like a fair deal?

Here’s Everything you’ll Get when you Join Today:

  • 7 LIVE online lessons in which I teach you my tactics to seduce beautiful women in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Each week two new modules will be taught. ($497)

  • LIVE Q&A sessions after each lesson. Ask me any questions you have relating to dating in Eastern Europe and I will tell you everything you need to know, from my 10+ years experience in the region and working with dozens of coaching clients. ($997)

  • Recordings of all lessons in case you can’t make it, so that you can access them anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. ($497)

And on top of that, if you sign up today, we will give you access to these amazing bonuses ...

BONUS 1: 30 min one-on-one personal action plan call with me ($200)

Tell me about your ambitions and I personally will help you create an action plan that will keep you safe, avoid disappointments, be more attractive and meet the woman of your dreams.

BONUS 2: Practical Travel Guide ($50)

In this guide I give you all the practical information that you need to know when coming to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Think about the best ways to buy a local sim card, which taxi and dating apps to use, the best ways to book transportations, withdraw/exchange money etc.

BONUS 3: Guidebook - Tsar’s Hot Spots for Ukraine and Belarus (US$50)

Where should you go if you want to meet quality women? In this guidebook I share with you my secret spots to meet quality women. I will also tell you when you should go and how to increase your chances to seduce hot women.

Total value: US$ 2,291.

Price TODAY only:


Get started now!

Join Now When There is Still Time!

Good looking women in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia receive invitations from both horney foreign men and local hotshots, on a weekly basis, sometimes even more often.

They show me their private messages, look;

So, why should they be interested in you?

You need to offer something that both the foreign and local competition can’t offer.

You need a secret weapon.

Slavic Seduction Secrets is that secret weapon!

Want to join us?

We’re starting on July 5th, 2020, at 10pm Kiev time (that’s on a Sunday)

That means that if you want to join my bootcamp you need to be quick.

After the deadline I will close the gates and I’m doing this only once or twice per year live so you won’t be able to enroll for this for at least another six months.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Bootcamp start and when does it finish?
This bootcamp will start on Sunday, July 5th, 2020 and the duration will be one month.
When will the LIVE online training sessions take place?
The lessons will be livestreamed every Sunday and Wednesday at 10 pm, Odessa time. The lessons will be followed up with time for Q&A. The total length of the sessions will be around one hour. By the way, 10 pm in Ukraine is: 12 pm - Los Angeles; 3 pm - New York; 4 pm - Buenos Aires; 8 pm - London; 9 pm - Paris; and 4 am - Tokyo.
What if I can’t join you guys live?
No worries, all lessons will be recorded and we will send you the replay afterwards, so that you can watch and learn anytime you want.
Can I join after July 5th?
This program will start on July 5th and you won’t be able to enroll after that date for the live bootcamp at least another six months. I will then open up the registration for those who’re on the fence but the price will be double than what you pay if you enroll today.
Is it 100% sure that I will find my dream Slavic woman after completing the bootcamp?
In this program, you will learn all the tactics and strategies that you need to attract the Eastern European woman of your dreams. However, the onus is on you to implement them correctly. There is never a 100% guarantee that you will find your dream woman.
Are you offering any money-back guarantee?
Yes, if you put in the work and you’re somehow not satisfied with the results, let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
Can I travel to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the summer of 2020?
The short answer is YES; you will be able to visit all 3 countries in principle with only minor restrictions. The exact measures you will have to take to minimize the inconvenience depends on the passport you will travel on, where you have been traveling in the preceding 14 days before arrival in Eastern Europe and whether you have had a recent coronavirus test or not. We will go into your personal situation together so that you know exactly what to do to travel to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia this summer during the live lessons and your personal action plan call with me.